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Plantia Partnership Program

Plantia = a leading name in the natural weight loss supplement market in Europe
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More about the Plantia Partnership Program and how you can benefit from it financially.

Plantia is one of the only "real" solutions for obesity and overweight. This revolutionary system heralds a new era, one where every individual has the ability to control his weight, his hunger and his fear towards food. At Plantia, our motto is "eat well, live fully". The product is highly efficient, natural and healthy. Our system is simple, accessible, and requires no effort: just some good habits to adopt and bad habits to eliminate. Plantia helps to cure weight issues in depth.

By building on our success and that of our customers, we feel that we can get the most from you, our partners.

Thanks to other affiliates like you, Plantia will become the success that has been in Europe, in English speaking countries as well.

In addition to our regular clients and affiliates that have been with us over the years in Europe, we feel it is now time to spread the word about Plantiashop to English speakers.

Our regular payout is 20% on every order, including return orders. We have various partnership programs and we will gladly discuss with you a tailor-made solution that is profitable for both sides.

5 reasons to join the Plantiashop program:

  1. A proven product
  2. Fast and guaranteed payouts of all commissions
  3. Real time statistics and reports
  4. Free tailor made banners for your websites
  5. A dedicated affiliate manager
To register, simply complete our registration form. As soon as your registration is approved, you will receive an email confirmation containing the information to download banners and create links to your website.
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