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Plantia Programm


Losing weight without gaining it back is a challenge. Figures speak for themselves: only 5%, (1 person in 20) who have been dieting will not regain weight later on. Those statistics are discouraging. This is the reason why PLANTIA can help you succeed in your diet and stabilize your weight.

Our system should be used both in the course of the diet and continued once your desired weight has been reached: you will not gain back those pounds you have lost! Our method is not stringent, it allows you to regulate and to control your hunger. It may seem hard at the beginning for those of you who have bad eating habits, but you will quickly get used to it, and you will soon apply it without even giving it a second thought.

In addition, there are no secrets: PLANTIA will give you the physical and mental boost you need, but you must regain your dietary balance on your own.

PLANTIA shop wants to help you lose weight, but also it will take care of your wellbeing. PLANTIA shop will make you feel better with your body, and find harmony within your body. Your internal balance is our priority.

The PLANTIA shop Program

PLANTIA and PLANTIA Lipophile are 100% natural products. PLANTIA shop program takes care of your balance.
  • No excessive deprivation of everything you like! Frustration does not help diets because you will immediately regain weight.
  • Controlling your eating habits forever, eating almost everything but in reduced quantities. Your body needs all of the pyramid of foods: meat or meat substitute, dairy products, nuts or peanuts, grains, beans, oil/fats, vegetables and fruits are the basis for good nutrition. It is preferable to avoid some kinds of food (because of their method of production or the fact they contain too much sugar or salt).
  • In order to maintain your desired weight, make some modifications in your eating habits FOREVER, and initiate a diet that is adapted to your needs and for the right period of time.

The keys of the PLANTIA shop program:

  • Eat balanced meals at regular hours
  • Eat slowly
  • Eat small quantities, up to 1/3 to what you usually eat.
  • Take PLANTIA twice a day, one pill 2 hours before lunch, 1 pill 2 hours before diner, until you gain the desired weight and adopt healthy habits.



Fruits, proteins (yoghurt, an egg, cheese) and bread (wholegrain is better!). For instance, a freshly squeezed fruit juice, yoghurt and cereal. Light butter and jam might also be a good idea.

Around 10 or 11 am, take your first PLANTIA


Prefer raw vegetables, with no sauce or just some olive oil and balsamic vinegar. For your main dish, have meat, fish or pasta. Avoid red meat, instead use white meat (chicken, veal…). For side dishes, a little rice (whole grain), pasta or potatoes, as well as a portion of vegetables. Avoid bread. For dessert, choose one fruit, compote or a sorbet. They are less sweat. Regarding alcohol, avoid aperitifs and indulge in one glass of red wine a day, either at lunch or during your dinner. ABOVE ALL, do not skip any meal, and especially not lunch. If you have some spare time, chose a sandwich with raw vegetables without, or with a small quantity of mayonnaise or butter.

Take your first PLANTIA Lipophile

No snacking! If you cannot help it, have a fruit or yoghurt handy. Or else, a piece of raw pepper: a nice source of vitamin C!

Around 5 -6 pm. Take your second PLANTIA


In order to optimize your diet, it is recommended not to eat foods containing carbohydrates in large quantities after 5 pm: so stay away from bread, toast, potatoes and lentils in your dinner. You can by-pass this rule if you are going to make a great physical effort the next day (running, walking, etc.). Dinner should be light: homemade soups are ideal or a salad. The mistake is to eat a lot in the evening after having been reasonable all day: remember that whatever we eat in the evening takes longer to get digested. Avoid foods that are difficult to digest like red meat, onions or cauliflower, especially raw.

Take your second PLANTIA Lipophile


  • In order to have a feeling of satiety, drink a lot of water and green tea all along the day.
  • Avoid sweat drinks, even "light" ones, because they make you accustomed to the sweet taste and maintain your bad habits.
  • Avoid too salty products: soda or industrial products should be consumed with moderation!
  • Have fish every other day, if possible.
  • Eat fruits and green vegetables at all meals.
  • Use oil rather than butter in your cooking
  • Drink wine with moderation and have aperitifs in exceptional occasions only.
  • A good tip: serve yourself with the quantity of food you believe to be sufficient, eat slowly and once your plate is empty, do something else. Do not have second helpings!
  • Always have your meal at the same time of the day. Have two to three meals a day, never just one.
  • Sleep! Research has proven that the more you sleep, the lower the rate of ghrelin (an hormone that stimulates appetite). So, go to bed!

Eat slowly

If you eat your meals quickly, the PLANTIA effect will be less effective. We recommend you take as much time as possible to eat: take advantage of your meal in order to talk with your family, friends or colleagues, watch television, or find any other solution to eat slowly and chew your food as much as possible. Sit back by the table, do not get up to take second helpings, never eat standing up and quickly.


If you can exercise, you will burn about one hundred calories more each day and your metabolism will get stronger. Exercise is good for your health and this helps you to lose weight and not gain it back. But don’t think that you can do sport for only several months during your diet, and get back to your old habits afterwards. All your efforts will have been in vain. The changes you maintain during your diet have to be irreversible in order to maintain your weight loss. So, if you have decided to exercise more, make sure that this is for good and not temporary. Exercising helps but it is not an obligation. Eating less will make you lose weight, but exercising without eating less will not be of any help.

What sport should I practice?

Any kind of sport. Try to choose an activity you like, which is easily available and fits your budget since you will be able to practice it on a more regular basis. Try also to diversify your sporting activities. Try to walk a little more than usual. Instead of taking your car for all your errands, try to walk or to ride on a bike. Instead of talking with your friends in a café, why would not meet them in the park or near the river and talk while walking? If you are sociable, try to practice a team sport, you may even meet new friends and make interesting acquaintances at the same time! Try to register at a sports club with a friend - you will motivate each other. Regarding the muscular aspect, try to choose a sport that works on all your muscles or those you do not use much in your daily life to keep them active. Regarding the aspect of your well being, chose the physical activity that relaxes you and releases your tension the most according to your needs. But, once again, don’t go crazy on exercising for a couple of months and cease it all later on. All you will get by this is losing your moral. Chose regularity, not performance.

Which kinds of foods should I prefer or avoid?

Some foods naturally increase the level of SCD-1 enzyme and interfere with the work undertaken by PLANTIA. Those foods are those who contain fructose (fruits sugar). Fructose is to be found in more and more foods and scientists tend to believe that this is one of the reasons that the weight of people living in developed countries is increasing. Fructose is found in all sweet and non-alcoholic drinks, fruits, fruit juices, sugar and a large part of industrial food. Do not completely give up on those foods - one fruit a day is essential and will maintain your level of SCD-1, but above all, limit juices and sweat drinks! Generally speaking, eat healthy and fresh food as much as possible, wholegrain bread; avoid snacking on foods that are supposedly calorie free. Since you eat less thanks to PLANTIA, you must eat foods that are full of nutrients. In addition, try to have meals including 30-60% of fat calories. Remember: your body needs fats! Too often, people willing to lose weight believe that when they eliminate all kinds of fat, they will lose weight. This is indeed true at the beginning. But your body needs fat, and if it feels it is lacking some, it will believe that it is difficult to find those elements for nutrition. It will initiate a system of protection consisting of stocking the most fat possible. From this moment, you will always feel tired, your body will constantly ask for food and a cookie will have a catastrophic impact on your weight, while for a normal person, this cookie will have almost no effect. This is why it is bad to go through "speed" diets. Eat less, yes, but above all, eat well and enough. Provide your body with all the nutriments you need, otherwise, the survival system will get launched and the fat will get stocked more easily. Once this system is launched, it is difficult to go back.

Diets demanding a small quantity of fat are a major cause of obesity.

How can I resist good meals and my guilty pleasures?

This is a good time to find substitutes for all your great desires. If you love cakes, chocolates, French fries, do not entirely eliminate them from your diet, this would be too difficult and you will end up failing in your diet, but learn how to control your appetite. Have a few squares of chocolate, preferably bitter, 1 to 2 times a week, for instance. Remember that you must not live to eat but rather eat to live. Food is your fuel. PLANTIA tremendously helps you in this process, but you must also find other activities to replace the activity of over eating.

Let your diet become a priority, you will be healthier, happier and you will feel better. Persevere and you will get rid of your extra pounds forever thanks to yourself, and to PLANTIA, of course
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