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How to convince your husband or one of your relatives to diet?

To regain a slim figure, it is better to have the right people around you and to know how to provide the right food for the whole family!

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Find your energy where it really is… Inside yourself!

This is how we are: at any moment of our life, we must start all over, continuously, and begin working again, but how do we find all the strength to keep going when we encounter moral and tonus decline?

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Losing weight according to your metabolism

Knowing yourself well is the first step to regaining an ideal weight and to lose pounds wherever you want to!

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Extra pounds are mainly in your head!

Losing weight is also taking care of your soul.

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How to burn calories in a few steps

You are so busy that you have absolutely no time to practice a physical activity, aren’t you? Well, you are wrong!

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Sport is the key to wellness! A few secrets to get started

If you must choose only one thing that would be good for your body and your mind, and that would help you losing some weight, chose physical activity.

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Snacking, is a bad habit - how to get rid of it

Snacking in front of the television or in the office makes our life a misery. Here are some tips to put an end to this habit and to rediscover the pleasure of eating correctly!

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How to not lose control when you are invited to a restaurant?

It is impossible to control the composition of the dishes in a restaurant; therefore, it becomes very difficult to manage our energy intake.

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How to avoid gaining some weight during your periods?

Periods are due to hormonal changes; therefore, some physical and psychological changes occur.

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Seven secrets to thinking like a slim person

Why a slim person never gains weight? The answer is in his attitude.

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